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40% Adsorption Betaine Features
Mar 16, 2018

(A), adsorption and betaine hydrochloride difference
40% of the adsorption of betaine in the mother liquor of the betaine by a special process of desalination by carrier adsorption drying, and the betaine hydrochloride is the mother liquor after acidification crystallization of hydrochloric acid, the two products even physical and chemical properties Very different .Hydrochloride is a white crystalline powder, moisture dampness serious, prolonged storage or exposure to the air will have a serious agglomeration, seriously affecting the use of the adsorption of betaine products after desalination Using special carrier adsorption, the basic non-hygroscopic reverse tide, easy to agglomeration, good fluidity, and its uniform size Bulk density and feed the main raw materials similar to facilitate the use of compound feed.

(B), the adsorption of betaine on vitamins
Because of the different physicochemical properties of the two betaine products, their impact on vitamins in the premix is also different.
Studies have shown that the adsorption of betaine products minimal impact on vitamins, can ensure the stability of the premix of vitamins in order to ensure the effectiveness of the premix.