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Application Of Betaine In Aquatic Production
Dec 12, 2017

In the intensive aquaculture conditions in order to obtain a good feeding effect must increase the feed intake of aquatic food and
The addition of chemical attractant is a commonly used means to change the flavor of artificial food to increase aquatic food intake of bait
A large number of studies have shown that adding 0.5%~1.5% betaine in aquatic feed can not only strongly induce aquatic animals
Use can also promote the growth and development of aquatic animals to improve the utilization of food to prevent fatty liver and other nutritional diseases increased into
Live rate. Carr (1976) demonstrated that betaine can stimulate the feeding of crustaceans such as crab and lobster (Takeda et al. (1984)
Test also confirmed that betaine can strongly affect the feeding behavior of eels Finnish test proved that adding betaine feed in the feed
Feeding rainbow trout and salmon body weight gain and feed conversion rate increased by more than 20 fed salmon body weight gain and feed utilization
Significantly improved were 31.9 and 21.88, respectively. Nelson (1989) demonstrated that betaine can promote the growth of juveniles and juveniles
Improve the survival rate has a significant effect and salmon at 10 ℃ water temperature test proved that betaine has anti-cold and anti-
The stress effect provides the scientific basis for the overwintering of individual fish. The carp test of Liaoning Institute of Freshwater Fisheries showed that at
With the diet add 0.5% betaine significantly stimulated feed intensity increased daily gain 41%~49% diet parameters decreased
14%~24% Ganzhou area in Jiangxi Province reported aquaculture (1992) Grass carp compound feed can be significantly reduced grass betaine
Fish liver fat content can effectively prevent fatty liver disease. Shanxi Taiyuan Jinyang Lake Fish Farm and Shentou rainbow trout field tests show
In the carp, rainbow trout bait added 0.1~0.3 betaine intake increased significantly increased gain 10~30% bait
Feed coefficient decreased 13.5~20 feed conversion rate increased 10~30% also found that stress response can also slow down raising fish
Survival rate.