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Application Of Betaine In Poultry Production
Dec 12, 2017

In poultry feed, due to its first limiting amino acid is methionine, so the current extensive use of betaine in poultry
Compound feed can not only reduce carcass muscle fat improve the use of anti-coccidial drugs promote growth or egg laying, etc. mainly betaine but also to provide part of the methionine can save part of DL-methionine can be appropriate to add less cut costs. Reasonable replacement of DL-methionine is safe and feasible, and has no effect on production performance, and can reduce costs and increase economic benefits. According to Muirhead, Augustin et al reported that betaine on early invasion and development of gimeria coccidia Certain inhibition, in combination with salinomycin, prevents the development of host intestinal epithelial cells by inhibiting the development of E.tenella and E.acervulina and Reduce mortality.