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Betaine Classification
Dec 12, 2017

Trimethylammonium acetate is a natural product found by Scheibler (Scheibler C.1869, Scheibler C.1870) and isolated from betaine, which is named beta-in according to its Latin name beta vulgaris Structure such as: CH3N + (CH3) 2CH2COO-. Scheibler refers to this compound isolated from beets as having a quaternary ammonium internal salt structure or a compound known as an ammonium-based structure as a "betaine." When the natural base in the methyl can be replaced by other substituents, to get a lot of alkyl aromatic betaine or alkylamidopropyl betaine; link positive and negative charge center can increase the carbon bridge to give propyl betaine, Butyl betaine and the like; the acetate group may also be substituted with other groups to obtain amphoteric surfactants such as sulfoethyl, sulfopropyl betaine or (beta) -ethyl betaine sulfate and (beta) -ethyl betaine.