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Betaine Is An Important Methyl Donor In Animals
Mar 16, 2018

The application of betaine in livestock and poultry breeding is valued because betaine can provide active armor in animal metabolism

Base and homocysteine constitute methyltransferase and participate in methylation reaction so called "life methylating agent".

Choline and methionine, which have the function of providing an active methyl group, but the ability of betaine to provide a methyl group is several times that of choline

More than 3.8 times methionine.

1, the relationship between betaine and choline choline in the provision of methyl must be oxidized to betaine in the mitochondria to hair

The role of This oxidation reaction is susceptible to nickel, cobalt, iron salt inhibition in the absence of riboflavin and anti-coccidiosis medicine will make the reaction by

To the inhibition, that is, the ability of choline to provide methyl decreases, while the conversion of betaine to methyl is unaffected. Sketol (1953) and other proof 

The value of choline to provide methyl is not high The main nutritional role of dietary addition of choline is still phospholipid synthesis and acetylcholine


2, the relationship between betaine and methionine betaine in the role of betaine - homocysteine methyltransferase A

The base provides methionine with the highest homocysteine, Dubnoff (1949) demonstrated that the reaction is quite rapid. After the formation of methionine activation

For other metabolites (such as creatine synthesis, DNA methylation, etc.) to provide methyl, such reactions only methionine can act

Schmidt donor This shows that methionine is often consumed (Pesti 1981).

So betaine can partially replace methionine, the general replacement ratio of up to 3 times in theory, but in practice often

2 times that 1 kg of betaine (pure dollars) can replace 2 kilograms of methionine (pure dollars).