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Effect Of Betaine
Jul 05, 2018

Betaine is a bioactive vitamin. It is very important for the formation of protein, DNA repair, and enzyme activity. It has excellent osmotic pressure regulation, stability, water solubility and moisture retention.

Betaine was first found in Europe. Since nineteenth Century, beet was originally used to extract sugar from sugarcane. It was mainly found in sugar beet molasses, so it was known, but its efficacy was not gradually recognized until 1970s. Betaine is ubiquitous in animals and plants. It is an intermediate product of animal metabolism.

It plays an important role in the metabolism of nutrients. As a secondary metabolite of metabolism, it is a very important osmotic adjustment substance. It is very important for plants to enhance stress resistance, such as salt resistance and drought resistance. In the beet, it is found that one of the ingredients can play a good role in cleaning and not harm the skin. It is very safe and is named as betaine. It is safe and effective to be used in cleaning skin care products in modern times.

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