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Effect Of Betaine On Carcass Composition And Internal Organs Of Animals
Dec 12, 2017

The results of the betaine and choline comparison show that young birds fed betaine have lower amounts of body fat (Sandarson, 1990; McKinley, 1990), with a more dispersed body fat and a softer, savory taste (Shette, 1993). CULTER, Finland, made a comparative test of the betaine and methionine effects in the United States based on the same ration of basal diet. The results showed that young birds fed betaine increased their meat production by 3.7% compared to poultry fed methionine. Reports from Australia showed that betaine 1250 mg / kg was added to the young sow fattening diet (digestive energy 13.5 MJ / kg), reducing backfat thickness by 14.8%, increasing ophthalmic muscle area, and improving carcass uniformity. It has been reported that the addition of betaine to compound diets can reduce the fat content of the liver of grass carp.