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Effect Of Betaine On Fishing
Jul 05, 2018

Betaine is an aquatic attractant. It has special effects on crucian carp. Adding one percent to five percent litters can increase the bite rate of fish by 2-3 times.

Formula: a pound of millet [wine 22] [my homemade nest bait] 5-10 tablets of vitamin B complex.

Sugar 22 put vitamin B sugar in liquor to soak and add to millet, then add betaine five percent [betaine with open water and add in] cover for two days and you can make a nest.

Carp betaine and amino acids are 0.5% betaine and 15% amino acids (arginine mainly), base material is 30% fish feed 4.5% fish bone powder 15% flour 10% silk powder 20% snow powder 5% of sugar and spices.

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