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Medicinal Value Of Betaine
Dec 12, 2017

Pharmacological studies have shown that betaine and its hydrochloride have anti-mouse homocysteine, pentylenetetrazole and electroconvulsive convulsions, and has delayed the role of picrotoxin and strychnine seizures (Xu Deyi, 1984). Administration of betaine hydrochloride in mice resulted in sedative effects and increased hypnotic and anti-nociceptive stimuli of pentobarbital sodium, with no significant effect on body temperature in normal rabbits but reduced endotoxin-induced fever (Xude Yi 1986; ). Single Di Fang et al. (1985) reported the relationship between the betaine and the vasodilator effect in mice. Intravenous injection of betaine significantly reduced vascular resistance in the arteries and hindlimbs. A small amount of betaine (1 / 25), can only cause a significant decline in hindlimb vascular resistance. Jiao Yong (1990), Chen Miaowu (1993), Wu Zhirong (1992) studies have shown that Cistanche, Chinese wolfberry liver and kidney yang function, its effective role is betaine. According to Hou Cuiying's (1988) study, Ganoderma lucidum (Ganoderma lucidum spore powder) is more satisfactory in the treatment of atrophic myotonia, multiple sclerosis and visceral hyperactivity. The major component of water solubility is betaine. Medical studies suggest that betaine is less toxic. No toxicity was observed in mice given intravenous injection of 2.4 g / kg. The LD50 of mice subcutaneously injected was 18.14 g / kg (Jiang Ze-Rong, 1984).