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Natural Extraction Of Betaine
Mar 16, 2018

Beet molasses is the main raw material for the extraction of natural betaine, there are two main extraction processes, one ion exchange method, this method is to dilute the molasses flow through the strong cation exchange resin column and other components separated and left in the column, with Dilute ammonia water betaine, eluate and then flow through the strong Yin exchange resin, eluate evaporated, decolorization, crystallization, filtration obtained betaine; another commonly used method is ion exclusion method, this method Is the introduction of molasses chromatography column filled with polyethylene - divinyl resin (resin cross-linked divinylbenzene 5.5%, the column temperature of about 80 ℃, the liquid flow rate close to the critical speed of the chromatographic system), the water elution chromatographic tree, Salt, sugar and betaine were discharged sequentially to be separated, and then the collected liquid was evaporated, concentrated, three-stage crystallization, filtration to obtain about 98% purity of anhydrous or water betaine.