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Synthesis Of Medicinal Betaine Citrate
Dec 12, 2017

Betaine citrate is a single compound synthesized by the salt-forming reaction of betaine and citric acid. Studies have shown that it can effectively promote hepatic cell regeneration after liver resection, protect liver function, regulate gastrointestinal disorders, treat hangover, balance protein metabolism in the human body, maintain central nervous system function and enhance immunity and other pharmacological effects [1 -10], is an important betaine medicine health products. Medicine-grade betaine citrate is widely used in Europe and the United States as raw materials for liver protection drugs and health products, with huge market demand. The pharmaceutical grade betaine citrate requires that the product mass fraction is greater than 98.5% and the NaC l mass fraction is less than 0.5%. At present, most domestic enterprises produce products only anhydrous betaine or betaine hydrochloride and simple mechanical mixing of citric acid, direct consumption of free citric acid caused by the body caused by gastrointestinal irritation.