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The Amount Of Betaine Hydrochloride
Mar 16, 2018

Betaine is a natural vitamin-like substance that plays an important role in medicine, daily use and chemical industry. But for now
In recent years, people mainly used as feed additives, livestock and poultry aquaculture animal new growth accelerator, the value has been numerous
The scientific research, practice is affirmed.

Nutritional function

1. As an amino acid inner salt, efficient methyl donor, 1 kg betaine can replace 1-3.5 kg methionine.
2. To improve broiler feed intake, promote growth; improve egg laying rate, reduce feed ratio.
3. Can improve coccidiosis efficacy.

1. With anti-fatty liver function, enhance fat metabolism, reduce pig back thickness, improve meat quality and increase lean rate.
2. Can improve the intake of piglets, piglets in the weaning 1-2 weeks significantly increased weight gain.

Aquatic products
1. Has a strong attractant activity, fish, shrimp, crabs, bullfrogs and other aquatic products bait has a special stimulus and promotion.
2. Improve the feed rate and reduce the feed coefficient.
3. Is bio-osmotic pressure buffer substances, enhance the endurance of change, improve survival.