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The Nutritional Effects And Effects Of Betaine
Mar 16, 2018

Betaine was first discovered in Europe. It was named mainly after its existence in the molasses of beet sugar, but its efficacy was not recognized until the 1970s. Betaine is commonly found in animals and plants and plays an important role in the metabolism of nutrients. In recent years, many countries in Europe and the United States have conducted a great deal of research in livestock production and aquaculture. Proved that betaine is an important methyl donor in animal body, involved in the metabolism of amino acids and fats, regulate the osmotic pressure in animals, with the promotion of growth, improve the carcass composition, improve meat quality, improve the attractant of aquatic feed and other effects. With the further maturation of the chemical synthesis of betaine, the production cost is continuously reduced. It has been widely used in feedstuffs for livestock and poultry, and also widely used in aquatic feed and ornamental animal feed. A large number of experimental studies have shown that betaine is a Non-toxic, harmful, pollution-free new multi-functional additives.