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The Role Of Betaine In Cosmetics
Jul 05, 2018

Betaine is naturally found in many plants, such as spinach, malt, mushroom and fruit, and also in some animals, such as lobster chelate, octopus, squid, and aquatic crustaceans, and even in the human liver.

Betaine is found in Europe and is often used as a intermediate product of the metabolism of life bodies. The methyl provider participates in the synthesis of methionine, also known as three methyl glycine, a natural edible amino acid that is better than the popular amino acid on the market.

Pharmaceutical grade betaine is used in cosmetics, medicine and food. She was extracted from the honey sugar in the root of the beet. It is a natural amino acid moisturizer.

Betaine is zwitterionic, biocompatible with coverage, easily soluble in water and stable in nature.

Moisturizing effect:

In the experiment, in the diluted solution, a water molecule can temporarily occupy the middle of the betaine amphoteric ion. It is easy to release its own water molecules into the surrounding liquid, which is different from the moisturizer (glycerol) to fix the water molecules. The retention time of water molecules near betaine is shorter than that of other moisturizers, so he is a true carrier of water molecules.

Unique moisturizing and protective effects of cell performance:

Water is known as the basic element of all biological cells. All cells contain 85%~95% water, and water can permeate and diffuse through active osmotic cells through the cells.

And betaine is one of the most important organic osmotic substances. Experiments show that the higher the content of the environment is, the more dry, the higher the content of betaine in biological cells, to balance the balance of cell volume and water.

High osmosis pressure, such as skin surface dehydration and ultraviolet radiation, can cause a large loss of osmotic substance in the skin cells, resulting in cell apoptosis, and betaine permeation can obviously inhibit this process. In the shampoo, it is because of this organic osmosis, permeating through the skin cuticle to protect it. The balance of the protective cells increases the water content of the surface skin.

The unique moisturizing mechanism of betaine is better than other moisturizing agent sodium hyaluronate, and amino acid and betaine can still keep a lasting moisturizing effect at low concentration. It is called "tap water" moisturizing. It can attract the deep water of the skin to the surface which is short of water.

Low irritation and neutralization:

Betaine has anti allergy and reduces skin irritation. Refining the product with betaine can significantly reduce the stimulant effect of surfactants on the skin.

Anti allergy and moisturizing effect:

In the shampoo and edema, the addition of betaine can obviously reduce the stimulation of the surface active components to the scalp, and also improve the itching and dry hair of the scalp after shampoo. Because of the good moisturizing and tax effect, it can increase the water retention of hair and give the hair gloss. For the scalding hair, it can be protected from external factors. At present, betaine is used in cleanser, shower gel and other products, especially suitable for infants and young children's favorite products.

Neutralization acidity and alkalinity

Betaine is weakly acidic in aqueous solution, it can significantly improve fruit acid skin care in skin care and acid skin care.

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