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Marketing of biological nutritional additives

What is the effect of betaine

1. Provide methyl as a methyl donor. High-efficiency methyl donor can partially replace methionine and choline chloride and reduce feed cost. The meth...

Application of betaine in agriculture

The research progress of betaine in improving plant stress resistance and promoting growth and development. At present, the most widely studied one is...

Betaine added to more and more skin care products

Why do many skin care products and skin care products now incorporate ingredients like betaine? The key is that the company's R&D personnel unders...

What role does betaine play in feed addition

Feed additive refers to a small amount or a small amount of chemical substances added in the whole process of feed production, manufacture and applica...

Uses of betaine in plants

Betaine is an alkaloid that promotes the "physical" performance of animals and plants. Its analysis of plant cold resistance is mainly achieved throug...

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