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Marketing of biological nutritional additives

Releasing methyl donors: betaine feed additives help farming move towards health and prosperity

A magical star is rising in the wide world of farming: the betaine feed additive. This unique additive releases valuable methyl donors and brings new ...

Betaine: The Treasure of Frost Protection in Agriculture, Protecting Crops from the Cold

Cold winters pose a great challenge to agriculture, especially in colder regions. However, the miracle substance betaine is rapidly emerging in the fi...

Betaine Cosmetic Moisturiser Ingredients: Discover the secrets of natural beauty

The Secret Garden, nature's gift to beautify our lives. Here, there is a natural magic that is the favourite of the cosmetic world - betaine. Originat...

Betaine feed additives to combat heat stress: innovative solutions to help livestock farming

Heat stress is often a headache for the livestock industry as temperatures climb in the hot summer months. However, advances in modern agricultural te...

Betaine is an effective osmolality regulator

In modern life, we are often faced with a variety of stresses and challenges. Whether it is work, study or daily life stress, we are eager to find a w...

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