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Healthy (Hangzhou) Husbandry Sci-tech Co.,Ltd.

Established in 1996, as

China Glycine Betaine Manufacturers and Wholesale betaine Suppliers

, Healthy (Hangzhou) are proud to be a global manufacturer who offers nutrition ingredient additives to more than 900+ customers in the global feed, food, health, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industry.
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Marketing of biological nutritional additives

Healthy is a global supplier of innovative and
standard Nutritional,Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical additives.







We never let you down .

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To support the livestock industry and help farmers face different challenges of the productivity and protection of their animals, Healthy has developed, with the support of Zhejiang University, a range of pioneering, non-GMO Betaine series products. Healthy's facilities are successfully certified in ISO9001, FAMI-QS, Star-K Kosher, and Halal.

Healthy develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative glycine betaine and other betaine Series Products for farm animals intended for human consumption. It offers the animal industry tailor-made and sustainable solutions to help the animal strengthen its immune system, improve its digestive system and optimize its productivity and reproductive system.

More than 90% of our field operators have a professional technical education background and many years of equipment processing and assembly experience. It is precise because of this united, dedicated, pioneering, technologically sophisticated, and experienced team that the company's technology and Betaine can be continuously updated and improved.

A high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing of biological nutritional additives.

  • Respect of nature: We work in total respect of the nature of the living being.

  • Client partnership: We wish our clients succeed because we are aware that our success is based on theirs.

  • Involvement: Every employee is important and we encourage creative problem solving by involving everyone.

  • Sharing knowledge: Knowledge is power, but only when it is shared.


Marketing of biological nutritional additives

What is the effect of betaine

1. Provide methyl as a methyl donor. High-efficiency methyl donor can partially replace methionine and choline chloride and reduce feed cost. The methyl supply efficiency of 30% compound betaine is ap...

Application of betaine in agriculture

The research progress of betaine in improving plant stress resistance and promoting growth and development. At present, the most widely studied one is betaine. In resisting stress, betaine has multipl...

Betaine added to more and more skin care products

Why do many skin care products and skin care products now incorporate ingredients like betaine? The key is that the company's R&D personnel understand that betaine has a lot of effects on the skin...

What role does betaine play in feed addition

Feed additive refers to a small amount or a small amount of chemical substances added in the whole process of feed production, manufacture and application. It is used in very small amounts but has obv...

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